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Social Security Division

Dale Burchett is the senior and most experienced attorney at Burchett Law Firm.  Since 1981, after serving sixteen years in local public offices, he has practiced law extensively in the area of disability law with the major portion of that practice being the handling of Social Security cases.  He was admitted to practice law in Kentucky in 1960 after graduating from college, serving in the United States Army, and receiving the juris doctor (JD) degree at the University of Kentucky.

Mary G. Burchett-Bower has worked for the law firm in various capacities since childhood.  She has been a lawyer with the firm since being admitted to practice law in 1995.  A 1992 graduate of Centre College, she received her JD degree from the University of Louisville, Brandeis School of Law where she graduated with honors.  Before becoming a mother, as well as a lawyer, she taught classes in administrative law for Western Kentucky University in its para-legal studies program.

Richard Burchett joined the law firm after graduating from Centre College and from the University of Kentucky College of Law in 1998.  He then became licensed to practice law in Tennessee as well as Kentucky.  Like his father and his sister, he has been admitted to practice law in the federal court system.  He and his sister have each handled an average of 150 Social Security hearings annually for the past several years.

Deanna Parker has been associated with Dale Burchett and the Burchett Law Firm since 1970.  She and Dale worked together during his years as Barren County Judge and Barren County Judge Pro Tem during the 1970's.  Since 1981, she has overseen the handling of thousands of claims in the firm's Disability Division.  She currently serves as consultant, advisor, and trainer on Social Security issues. 

Kentucky law does not certify specialties of practice. Lawyers and associates of Burchett Law Firm are not employees of, affiliated with, or endorsed by the Social Security Administration.

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